Kickin' It On Social Media - The Ultimate Guide for Your Online Success

Julia Jerg

Social media marketing has become one of the main ways to promote brands and products. The big question is only, how to apply it effectively in order to stand out with your social media strategy. For this, you need to understand your product/brand first, your market, your competition and then - last but not least - the social platform on which you want to market yourself.

This can be overwhelming, expensive and a time-consuming process: hours of research or online courses might go down your alley and in the end, you are still not sure which strategy really works.

This ebook covers all the topics that are relevant to understand when starting out on social media or when you're feeling stuck with your current strategy.

It covers proven strategies for the main social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.

It includes:

- 100 pages of highly valuable tips and recommendations

- Call to 'Action Steps' in order for you to apply the things that you just learned

- 7 expert chapters written by chosen and highly skilled co-authors

- 2 bonus chapters (1 on SEO and 1 on Networking)

- Embedded videos and resources

- Guaranteed access to my private Facebook group with more free resources and a great community that is happy to help you answer your questions

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You'll get an introduction into social media as a marketing tool - learn from the experts of this book!


Kickin' It On Social Media - The Ultimate Guide for Your Online Success

I want this!